Get Started With Snapchat: A Guide For “Older People”

Let’s start by getting something out in the open: For late adopters, Snapchat can be a confusing social media tool. Forget about integrating Snapchat into your organisation’s overall marketing strategy, many people don’t even know how to use it personally. I’ll admit...

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New Social Video Offering from Montfort

Montfort work daily on social video for global clients, and can bring this fresh expertise to your social videos. Social video is marketing communications video content optimised for social media platforms and audiences. Social video can offer incredibly high...

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How To Embed Facebook Video On WordPress

With the recent explosion in unique Facebook videos, many people are looking for a way to embed Facebook videos on their website or blog in the same way they would with YouTube or Vimeo content. Luckily, you’re finally able to do just that using the embed code...

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Digital Communications Conference 2016 Tweet Highlights

Photo: @RobinLord8 The excellent Digital Communications Conference is taking part in London today, and there's an abundance of great tweets emerging on #DigCommsConf. The conference offers industry expertise and networking insight for charities, not-for-profits,...

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10 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Facebook Video

The growth rate of Facebook video views, shares and engagement are exponential, reaching a whopping 8 billion views per day in late 2015.

To help you get the most out of Facebook video for your organisation, Montfort has compiled these tips, gleaned from current client work.

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Facebook F8 For Marketers: Quote Sharing, Save Button, Bots for Messenger

Facebook are holding their annual two-day developer conference – Facebook F8 – this week.

While a lot of the announcements are aimed more at developers, with plenty of technical updates, there are always several announcements made of upcoming features and changes to the Facebook platform that would be of interest to people working in marketing.

Here are the announcements from Facebook F8 that are worth a look at for marketeers.

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Use Facebook As Your Business Page: How to like, share or comment from your Facebook business page

Facebook used to make it really easy to like, comment and share as if you were acting as your Facebook business or organisation page.

But we’ve been getting lots of questions from clients recently who can no longer access or use this useful Facebook feature.

If you need to act as your page to engage with fans and other pages, Facebook has recently changed this feature. You may also want to see posts from other pages that your business follows, to make it easy to like, follow or comment on their posts, direct to your Facebook page.

Here’s the new way to address both of these challenges.

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Facebook Ads for Charities: Driving Charity Donations and Fundraising ROI

Facebook Ads are a fantastic way to generate donations and awareness for charities, and the causes they’re looking to address.

With a wide range of creative placements to choose from and excellent targeting options, it’s no wonder that charities are increasingly looking at Facebook Ads to help deliver return-on-investment (ROI) on fundraising and communications objectives. Take a look at Montfort’s success story with vInspired as an example.

This is especially true with the likes of Donations for Charities arriving on Facebook, which makes it even easier for charities to deliver ROI through Facebook generated-funds and awareness.

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Digital Marketing Executive: Job Opportunity with Montfort

It's a busy time in the Montfort offices, so we're looking for an excellent and ambitious digital marketing superstar to help our growing agency. We're looking for someone who loves all things digital and is keen to learn more about social media and content marketing....

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Montfort director named one of UK’s top freelancers

Montfort Director Ben Matthews has been announced as Runner-up in the National Freelancer of the Year Awards, run by the self-employment trade body IPSE. IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed, presented Ben with a wealth of...

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Dark Social Media: Can You Measure What You Can’t See?

Dark social is a mysterious type of traffic where links are shared in a private yet social way, such as sent in an email, by instant messenger or in a text message, and is an increasing problem in a measurable digital world. Originally discussed by Alexis Madrigal in...

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Google Rank Brain: What is it and how will it affect SEO?

Bloomberg News recently broke the story on a new artificial intelligence program from Google that it calls “Rank Brain”: "For the past few months, a “very large fraction” of the millions of queries a second that people type into the company’s search engine have been...

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Facebook Reactions: Like, Love or Laugh at Facebook Posts

Facebook Reactions are coming! Facebook have said that they are testing a new feature called Reactions in Spain and Ireland, which gives fans the ability to Like, Love or Laugh at Facebook Page Posts and Ads. Reactions can be either Like, Love, Haha, Yay, Wow, Sad or...

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Digital Trends

Speaking about digital trends for 10 minutes is hard enough. Speaking about digital trends for 10 minutes to a group of around 50 independent consultants is harder. Speaking about digital trends for 10 minutes to a group of around 50, slightly soggy from the London...

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